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After an Arrest

Criminal justice process after an arrest

Defense Attorneys in Cherokee County for Misdemeanor and Felony Charges

Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you have been arrested, and facing criminal prosecution, you need to hire the best defense attorneys in Cherokee County GA. Our criminal defense lawyers are true defense experts - they do not dabble in multiple practice areas. Our law firm has stellar reviews and has earned a reputation as the top defense law firm in Canton GA. If you need help with a criminal defense matter, call defense attorney Ross Grisham or defense attorney Scott Poole at 678-880-9360

An arrest does not automatically mean a conviction ... unless you do not take action to fight the charges. Bring us your problems and let our lawyers go to work fighting for you. Call us at 678-880-9360

Have you been arrested? Our defense law firm can respond promptly to represent you for any misdemeanor or felony criminal charges in Georgia. We want our clients to understand that an arrest does not automatically mean you will be charged with a crime. The prosecutors office reviews every arrest and makes a determination on whether or not to formally pursue charges.

When an arrest becomes a criminal case, you can expect the prosecutor's office to promptly move forward with efforts to convict you of crime(s). They get paid to do this, and they are serious about winning every case. After an arrest, you will be facing one of the following:

Intervention Before Charges Are Formally Filed

Early intervention by our defense experts is your best opportunity to persuade the prosecutor to not file charges. If you hire our law firm immediately after your arrest, we will contact the prosecutor's office to meet with them and discuss your situation. At this time we will be able to get information on police reports, evidence, and anything they may use to convict you. With this knowledge we can apply our skills to counter allegations, dispute arresting officer reports, and have certain evidence thrown out. The more we accomplish, the more the prosecutor will come to recognize that prosecuting the case will be difficult. Our goal is to get the upper hand as early in the process as may be possible.

Reduced Charges and Negotiated Plea Deals

If the prosecutor decides to move forward and formally files charges there remains an outside chance that our lawyers can find additional proof, or show cause, to support dismissal of charges (drop all criminal charges). If the prosecutor insists on prosecuting the case, the next step is to negotiate for reduced charges and settle for admission to a lesser charge. While not an ideal outcome, it often is preferred versus the unpredictable nature of, and higher costs for, a jury trial.

Defense Lawyers for Trial By Jury

A jury trial is almost always a very unpredictable matter. While both the prosecution and defense arrive well prepared, it is impossible to ever know exactly how a jury will respond or react to either side.

If your case finds it's way into a jury trial, we are (arguably) the best trial defense lawyers in Cherokee County, Georgia. Our defense lawyers are extremely skilled and have an exceptional track record. We have an incredible legal staff, and are backed with experienced investigators, expert witnesses, and more. Our law firm can present a strategic and robust defense for any misdemeanor or felony crime.

Take Action Now!

If you've been arrested, your case is already moving forward in the system. Every day that you delay hiring a lawyer is another day the prosecution gets ahead of you. The prosecution hopes you delay taking action and soon find yourself unprepared for your day in court. Commit to winning, take action now.

If you are facing criminal prosecution you need to meet with a defense lawyer. During your consultation you can get answers to your questions, and have a defense expert advise you on the process and potential outcomes. We invite you to call us at 678-880-9360 and schedule a consultation.