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Violent Crimes Defense

Violent Crimes Defense Lawyers

Violent Crimes Defense

Learn why even minor charges can have serious ramifications

If you are facing violent crimes charges in Georgia you have more at stake than you can imagine. Not only will your charges be prosecuted aggressively and the full power of the prosecutor's ability, but if convicted, one more conviction means life in prison.

Any conviction for the violent crimes listed here will mean a long prison sentence, which must be served without the possibility of parole. You are extreme risk if you are charged with one of the Seven Deadly Sins in Georgia.

From the moment of your arrest the police began accumulating evidence to give to the district attorneys office. If you have been arrested, you can bet that the prosecutor is now planning on a way to convict you, and send you to prison. You should immediately contact our law firm to request a CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION with one of our criminal defense attorneys. Defense attorney Ross Grisham and defense attorney Scott Poole previously worked as prosecutors. They know exactly how the D.A.'s office builds a case against persons accused of violent crimes. This knowledge allows our defense team to create an effective strategy to defend clients.

What Are Considered Violent Crimes?

  • Arson
  • Assault
  • Battery
  • False Imprisonment
  • Kidnapping / Abduction
  • Murder / Homicide
  • Armed Robbery

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence arrests continue to increase as society has elevated the awareness and made the control of domestic violence a greater priority. Domestic violence charges affect all levels of society, and people from all walks of life. Being arrested for domestic violence, without being convicted, can cause a social stigma that can affect family relationships, the perception of friends and co-workers, and cause certain people to lose their professional credentials and job. Being convicted of domestic violence definitely causes problems beyond the fines,community service and possible jail time. If there is overwhelming evidence against you, we can fight to have the charges reduced to a lesser charge.

Gang Related Offenses

If you are facing gang related criminal charges you are in a tough situation. You may be at risk of imprisonment, highly supervised and lengthy probation, expensive fines, numerous hours of community service, and other penalties.

If you are convicted as a gang member you will later find yourself dealing with a tough time gaining a good job, obtaining credit or loans, and may have a lifetime of trying to break free and live a good life. If you are facing gang related charges you should immediately contact our law firm to meet with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

We are criminal defense experts. Our criminal defense experience includes jury trial experience arguing cases for an array of violent crimes, serious felony charges and misdemeanor charges. When you hire our law firm you have taken a solid step towards achieving a successful outcome. With flexible payment options, and a passion for criminal defense, our law firm should be a top consideration as your legal counsel.

As your criminal defense attorney, our purpose is to help you walk away from all violent crimes charges. We feel that it is our obligation to fight for dismissal of all charges, win an acquittal or not guilty verdict. We do not believe that our purpose is to negotiate a guilty plea, however if this is what you choose to do, we can represent you to seek minimal penalties or alternative sentencing options.

Get Legal Help Now

If you are being investigated for, or charged with, any type of violent crime we recommend calling our law office as soon as possible. We understand the urgency of the matter, and respond quickly to all calls and online inquiries to hire a criminal defense lawyer. To get control of your situation CALL 678-880-9360 for an appointment with a violent crimes defense attorney in Canton GA.