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Post Verdict Help

After a Verdict

Get help for post-conviction problems, revocation, and sentencing issues.

Post Conviction Lawyers

Need a defense lawyer for problems occurring after your sentencing? We help people needing to get arrest records restricted, file sentencing appeals, and intervene for parole and probation violations. We understand that sometimes people need a little more help getting their life back on track. Our law firm provides compassionate legal help.

Post-conviction relief is a term that covers the various ways a lawyer can seek to correct problematic results in a criminal justice matter. This ranges for probation and parole issues to seeking to obtain a new trial or overturn a wrongful conviction.

Post-conviction representation is when you hire a criminal defense law firm to manage legal problems after you have been convicted and sentenced. We know that being the victim of a miscarriage of justice is a hard pill to swallow. We also know that the administrative people in the judicial process can be indifferent, sceptical, and cynical when it comes to working with persons who are convicted. Our law firm can serve as your advocate, and leverage every available element of Georgia law to improve your situation. We can help you with problems in the following areas:

Parole and Probation Violation Help

Whether you knowingly violated the terms of your release or are the victim of bad circumstances we offer sincere legal help. If you are facing probation revocation or parole revocation you need to hire a post-conviction lawyer. Some of the issues that our lawyers can manage for you are:

  • Intervene on your behalf for perceived violations
  • Ending the requirement to wear an ankle monitoring device
  • Negotiating modifications of probation agreements
  • Fighting incarceration for minor agreement violations
  • Request an early termination of probation agreements

Records Restriction Help (Expunge, Seal)

Georgia stopped using the term expungement and now uses the term record restriction. The 2021 Georgia Criminal History Records Restriction law provides for the restriction of certain criminal records for non-criminal justice purposes.

What is a Record Restriction? A record restriction is a way to block a criminal record from showing on public background checks. Specifically, this means that a large number of misdemeanor and felony convictions can possibly be blocked from showing on private or public personal background checks. This can help people avoid problems when applying for jobs, rental agreements, loans, and more.

Appeals to Challenge Convictions and Sentencing

Our Cherokee County appellate attorneys can help you with post-conviction needs to challenge sentences, conditions of release, and related legal issues. We can often improve bad situations caused by incorrect sentencing, judicial errors, ineffective legal council, introduction of new evidene to overturn a conviction, and other problematic aspects of your case.

In Georgia, under certain circumstances, you can petiton the court to vacate a verdict if your Constitutional Rights were violated, you were wrongly convicted, or you choose to withdraw a guilty plea. The laws in Georgia allow for many people to file an Application for Redress.

Get Help Now!

If you believe you are the victim of judicial system errors, or an aggressive probation or parole officer, you should contact our law firm. With a confidential consultation you can get answers to your questions, and have a post-conviction expert advise you on what can be done to help you. We invite you to call us at 678-880-9360 and schedule a consultation.