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Criminal Defense Experts

We are experienced trial lawyers and former district attorneys. Our criminal defense experience ranges from representing clients charged with serious felony crimes to common misdemeanor crimes such as DUI or disorderly conduct. We've handled both jury trials and non-jury trials. When you hire Grisham & Poole Law Firm you have taken a solid step towards achieving a successful outcome. Schedule a Consultation

Divorce & Family Law Firm in Canton GA

Divorce & Family Law

When you are contemplating a divorce you need expert advice and an education on what to expect. When you file for divorce you need a competent divorce lawyer who balances compassion with a determination to protect your interests. We provide our clients with expert representation, a commitment to excellence, and passion for winning. Schedule a Consultation

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Criminal & DUI Defense

We understand the stress you’re feeling after being arrested. We know how even a single conviction can cause life-long problems. We also know you want a defense law firm that will fight as hard for you, as we would for ourselves.

What we offer you is legal representation that reflects compassion for your situation, and commitment to achieving the best possible results for you. Time is not your friend. We urge you to get in touch with us to discuss your predicament.

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Divorce & Family Law

Whether you’re contemplating a divorce, or ready to file, we can help you. The divorce process can be intimidating, and uncertainties multiply stress. Call us for a consultation to get answers, learn what to expect, and how to plan your exit.

If you are ready to file for divorce we can develop a strategy for managing separation, avoiding common problems, and making the best of a bad situation. You can count on us to keep you informed and get you through the process.

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Criminal Defense

Attorney Ross Grisham

I offer my clients the benefits of my 20 years experience serving as criminal defense lawyer. I will work diligently to defend you in or out of court, and push for the best possible results.

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Divorce & Family

Attorney Ashley Carlile

I specialize in divorce and family law. My expertise in cases involving minor children (especially custody and support issues) is a top reason to hire me to manage your divorce.

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Criminal Defense

Attorney Scott Poole

My 15 years experience working as a prosecutor enabled me to be a very successful defense lawyer. I know how the D.A.’s office works, and can provide the expert representation you need.

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